How To Create An Effective Marketing Strategy | Whirlpool Marketing

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Consumer activity on websites and apps is getting harder and harder to foresee. Sales are happening, but the picture of how consumers are going from Point A to B is blurring. How do we combat something so scattered without feeling scatterbrained ourselves?

Businesses need to guide users from one step to another once they grab their attention. I describe this as having a "Whirlpool Effect" when describing the strategy with my clients.

Ensure that your website guides people in a direction that educates them on your business and offerings; making sure you have CTAs in write places. Ensure that when someone clicks on your social profile links, it gives them exactly what you said you'd offer and then some. Setting your business's online properties up in these types of ways will ensure that users can connect to your business, and maybe even convert, without you holding their hand along the way.

Test it yourself! Click a link you're "prompted" to click on one of your online properties and see if it takes you to where you want to go. Having this user-flow knowledge, along with some analytics, will allow you to optimize your consumer funnel toward perfection

Reach out if you'd like Dynamo to help generate a "marketing whirlpool" with your media channels.

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