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Get More Bang For Your Buck

Get More Bang For Your Buck


Flexjet was looking to get more bang for buck with their Google Search dollars and Dynamo delivered exactly that for them. Dynamo used its Search expertise to increase efficiencies and optimize toward top-performing keywords that drove the highest quality leads to their website. The results below compare Jan - June 2018 vs. Jan - Jun 2019 Search performance.

Key Takeaways:​​

  • +7% Leads

  • - 61% Cost Per Conversion

  • +70% Revenue

Photo Credit: Flexjet

Increase Your Conversions

Increase Your Conversions

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 3.26.22 PM.png


Detroit Photo Bar, a photo booth rental company, came to Dynamo looking for solutions to gain a return on their ad spend when promoting booth reservations. Dynamo suggested testing Facebook ads because of their ability to target niche users and offer analytical insights on ad performance. We built out a Facebook campaign that targeted users preparing for weddings because these users would be more likely to reserve a photo booth. 

Key Takeaways:​​

  • 16% Conversion Rate (Users Requestion Info.)

  •  6% Booked Reservations

  •  5:1 ration on ROI

Expand Your Digital Reach


Five15 brought the Dynamo team on board to help boost its social channels and drive up the amount of revenue it receives from online traffic. 100+ pieces of content and a handful of paid campaigns later, Five15 saw increases in their followership, online-driven revenue and page engagement. You can see our YoY Jan-June comparison metrics below...

  YoY Takeaways:​​

  • +26% Website Traffic 

  • -87% Bounce Rates

  • +6% Conversion Rate

  • +80% Social Revenue

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